Recently I was sitting in a missions meeting, planning an event for a missions conference.  In the process we began to talk about the upcoming trips.  All of a sudden I found myself wanting to go on one of the trips. But wait, I am not really the one that GOES to another country to minister, I do that HERE, in the United States. But maybe maybe it is time to try something new, maybe it is a chance to minister in a new way. God calls us to minister to the lost.  My church has a vision, to reach, rescue and set free everyone. Everyone includes those here in my community and those in other countries.

Sitting in the meeting one of the things that was discussed was what kinds of things we are good at.  In my mind I could not think of things that I would consider to be useable in a foreign country.  Then Dr. Chapman began to talk about all the things that can help on the missions field and there were so many things that I would have never thought of. Made me think that maybe I can go somewhere.

Will I go? I am still praying about this but I am thinking that maybe I will be headed on the trip to Panama or maybe I will go on one of the other ones. I guess we shall all see…

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