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Today we began our journey to Panama. We started our journey this morning and we were up early at the Chapman’s home to leave for the airport. When we got to the airport, we found favor and one of the staff people helped us get all 21 of our bags checked in. We got through security with no problems and headed on our way to Panama. When we got to Panama we had to go through custom and immigration. This was a first for me as I have never had to go through customs. We got stopped going through customs because of all of the medications and toys that we have with us to give away. Once we explained that they were going to be given away, we were waved through. We met Pastor Cerbin and his wife and son and another boy from the church. He told us about the rest of the week and talked about Panama and how he God called him here. Tomorrow if the first day of doing clinics and I will probably not be posting again for a couple of nights as we will not have internet.

Overall, I am super excited to see what God is going to do here in Panama.

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