Studying at Starbucks

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Some people go to the library to do schoolwork. Others of us come to starbucks.  I love studying at starbucks and here is why.  The culture that is at starbucks in one of community and individuality.  If you want to sit alone and study you can and no one will both you. However, if you choose to take a gamble and sit at one of those long tables with about 10 seats you may find yourself having some much needed interruptions.  When you work at a library often times if you sit at a big table alone you will have that table to yourself. People assume that you want to spread out your stuff and leave you alone.  At Starbucks he big table can have 10 people sitting at it and there are times where no one will know the other people at the table, but everyone understands that if there is a chair we make room.  If you are ever at the Starbucks in Ann Arbor, you know the 24-Hour one that is always packed, you can see this in action as people get up and leave as they finish and within 30 seconds the seat is filled with another person. You can start conversations with people or not but this is a place where you can do whatever you need.  I like a little distraction when studying and I love to people watch. I choose to study here because it makes it interesting.

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