Who Moved My Cheese


The past few months have been full of changes.  People have been moving away and new people have been coming in.  As much as it has become normal for these changes, I still seem to hate change.  When the first group moved away it was difficult and as others have left it seems more and more difficult to know exactly what I am supposed to be doing. New people have joined the church’s team and it seems as though the roles that I once served in are not there or needed. Now I was to clarify that I am not upset or anything like that.  It is just that the seasons are changing and I know that this season is one where I need to prepare for the next journey.

I thought about the book Who Moved My Cheese and how people reacted to change.  I encourage you to read the book, I am sure that you would love for me to just tell you the story but what fun would that be.

Yesterday as we were saying goodbye to some very dear friends who are entering a new season in ministry I thought back to the various seasons that we have been through and the times we had in this past season.  It made me sad that they were leaving but happy because I know that the next season is going to be exciting for them.

So my mind in all of its wandering, wanders back to who moved my cheese.  I want so bad to say its not fair and how dare some one move my cheese but I know better that that.  I know that I need to adapt and move on and look for the next place where the cheese is.  My question is now, what do I need to do to prepare for the next season.  I know that the seasons are going to continue to change and there is still much change on the horizon.  So for those who are in my church you know that the changes are not done and be prepared to move with the change and adapt. When people learn to adapt to change they are able to reach people that they never thought that they would reach.


Any thoughts? Ideas?

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  1. Good thoughts. I think the right response begins with the right questions. We should stay away from the who moved my cheese questions as you mentioned, and away from the why my cheese was moved and more toward where. Not even where has the cheese moved but where are you at work God and what is my response to be? You see it’s one thing to know where the cheese is and begin figuring out how to be there and another thing entirely to be actively engaged in where God has you now… The dreaded word (pause for effect…) transition.

    My encouragement is simple, be where you are until you aren’t there anymore. Your present reality is just that, a present, a gift from God. Enjoy the journey.

    1. Yes,the dreaded word transition. The point of the book, is that the mice new the cheese was running out, when it ran out they moved on without over thinking and whining 🙂

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