This week has been incredibly busy in comparison to previous weeks and this morning I am sitting here writing thinking about the fact that shortly I need to leave for camp for the weekend but not before bible study at 6:30am (yes I go to a bible study that early every Friday morning) and I have not yet begun to pack. My mind is going a million miles a minute because I am thinking of all this things I need to do still and I am already exhausted.

The thing is, this week in all of it’s busyness, I forgot or got to busy to do things that have been a priority for me. I was traveling earlier this week for work and when I got home after a second long day I realized that in all the hurry to get to the airport to head home and the process of getting through the airport and getting coffee (I was a zombie trying to get through the airport before the magical beans that cause me to be human again) I missed my quiet time with God.  I don’t know if you ever have that happen but I have not had that happen is quite some time, since I became consistent in having quiet time each morning. When I realized that when I got home that evening, physically and mentally drained, I could have taken the time and had my quiet time but I didn’t, I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I knew what I needed to do to start my day off right and I jumped right back in to my quiet time routine. I know that it does not take much for me to get knocked off a routine by one missed day, so I knew I had to make it a priority to re-focus on what was important first and push through the tiredness and start my day again, before the larks outside, in my time with God.

I wonder though, how many times has my own busyness pulled me off the course that God has set before me? How many times have I gotten so busy because of my own things, things that are good, but maybe are not God? I know recently I have been evaluating my time and commitments.  I have made decisions that I know other people, even some Godly people will not like. In the next few months I will be stepping back from some of my responsibilities and taking on some different ones. I am going to be much more diligent about my time and what I have the capacity to do. I know for me this has been a challenge, and I wonder how many of you are also in this place of busy? When we become so busy that we neglect the most important relationship. How do we make a change and reprioritize that most important relationship so that it is in the role it deserves. What are you being asked to put down in this season? What are the things that are interfering with your relationship with God? Let’s chat! How can I help?


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  1. Coincidentally (?) I read this from Oswald Chambers this morning: “The greatest competitor of true devotion to Jesus is the service we do for Him. ”

    It is always good to step back and really listen to what God is telling us about our service.

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