Clenched Fist or Open Hand


Recently I had a little heart check. I was thinking about a million things, which is the norm for me. And I was asked to do something, and in my gut I did not want to do. This was not a bad thing, it was more so releasing control of some things. For some reason I found myself wanting to hold on for dear life. And all of a sudden I had this check in my spirit.  Why am I holding on with clenched fists to that which God has called me to hold with open hands? Ever have one of those moments? Yeah I know, when all of a sudden you realize that you have no business holding on with clenched fists.

In this season where we have spent the last week being thankful and grateful for all that God has given us, I have acted as though the things I have been given by God were earned by me alone. Right? Cause that makes sense… I am grateful that I have learned that I need to hold the things the Lord has given me with open hands. When your hands are clenched, there is no way for God to give you more. I know that is crazy to think that God wants to bless you more than He already has.

So this is just a lesson I have recently learned. What has God been teaching you?

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