Just when you started to doubt…


Sometimes I wonder, about how God moves, and then He shows up in a way that only He could.

Back in August, I applied for a number of jobs in the prison system. You know seeing who had opening and what would shake loose from there. I have 3 interviews within the first 2 weeks of September and by the end of the month had been offered positions at each one. Now here comes the part of the story where you know that God was at work. The position I accepted gave me a start date, less than 3 weeks away (I know crazy, the state never moves that quick right?). Now, here is the crazy part, at my job (now former job) I have been managing a caseload of 10-11 clients, which is a lot for this type of work (most have maybe 7-8), for months (probably since April/May). My caseload at this point has finally dropped to single digits and is quickly decreasing. With the date they have given me, my caseload will be 1 client in residential (for 1 week) and 1 client in outpatient. The house has been full for months and even now, it is down to 3 clients (from 6). They have me come do paperwork at the end of the week, and I am waiting on an email from credentialing because I had initially accepted a different position (temp) and then switched to this one (permanent).

So I hear nothing about this, and I decide to check the system to see if they updated the site on my credentialing on wednesday and they have. So I complete all my paperwork and it gets bounced back on Friday for missing one thing. I add that thing in and send it back. Now we are just over a week from my supposed start date at this point. So I get my other paperwork approved the next week (you know physical and TB). I hear nothing about credentialing. So I email to follow up on Friday (you know 3 days before my start date) and the staff tells me it can take 3-4 weeks (its been 1 week). So I start freaking out a bit but keep moving forward with packing and moving.

Monday comes (my original start date) and I start to question if I made the right decision, if I should have waited. Then a call comes in, my HR person tells me that I will be officially able to start next Monday and that she got the email with my credentialing on Friday after work hours. This was supposed to take 3-4 weeks and took 1 week. When does anything in bureaucracy move that quick?

Here I am, forced to take some time off of work, and rest and finish all the packing up my apartment and getting settled in a new place. I had not planned on time off but God knew it was exactly what I needed.

So Monday starts my next adventure through a path that only God could have ordained.

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