Black Friday

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Today I sit here and think back to this past week.  Thanksgiving and Black friday have both passed us by and we sit here still thinking not of how thankful we are for all that God has given us. We have turned the holiday season into a season all about buying gifts and getting gifts and we have forgotten that God has given us the greatest gift of all in his son.  I think back to the time spent the evening of thanksgiving and the early hours of Black Friday. This year I was blessed to spend time with a dear family.  Black Friday a time typically known for crazy people out doing crazy things was a time of fun and fellowship.  Yes we got some amazing deals, but we were not crazy or running like mad-people through the store.  We were just us, we had fun in line at Target, we were friendly to the cashiers, we were just on an amazing scavenger hunt, where the prize was the present you wanted to give at an awesome steal.

The first black Friday was not held the day after thanksgiving. It was not even close to the holiday of Christmas.  The day that we got the greatest gift purchased for us.  The gift was our salvation, our hope, our chance to be in Heaven.  The first black Friday was the day that Christ was crucified in the cross for our sins.  The day that he gave his all for us that we might live.  As we enter into the Christmas season let us carry with us the knowledge of our God and all which he has done for us.  Let us not focus on what we might get for Christmas rather, let us focus on what we have gotten already in our relationship with God.  Let us be a people that carry his spirit and are able to spread CHRISTmas cheer, that which Christ has given us.

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