Diets, work-outs and other New Years Resolutions

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New years eve, a time when many people make resolutions to change their life, they want to eat better, work out more, stop smoking, read more, and many other things. Programs like Curves, Weight Watchers and other weight loss programs prepare for the month on January by having more staff available and great offers to those that want to start the programs, but they all know by February things will be back to status quo. Making a New Years Eve resolution is often done with good intentions but often gets forgotten about and moved to the back burner as more pressing things steal attention. Work hours get crazy, other commitments arise…etc. Now I am not saying to stop making resolutions and making goals for the next year. My challenge is to dream what you want to see happen this next year, and stick to it. Make new priorities and stand by them.

This next year I have goals. I know there are things I want to see changed. This year I have a goal to be healthier, and I am going to start making priority changes. Is it going to be hard? Of course it will be hard but will it be worth it? Of course!!! I also have a goal to blog more, this is not my highest priority but it is now on my list of things I care about. There may be things I do less because of this. So my question this new years eve….what are the goals and priorities you have for next year?

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