Shells of People

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How often do we see Christians that sit in the pew? They sit an go to church and leave and go home and go through the motions in everything that they do. They exist as a shell of a person, that has no passion, no life, no hope but they just exist. They feel as though they are where God has them, they are just doing their job until Jesus comes or they die. But…what if… what if people began to dream in church? What if they began to use the passions that they had once before? What if people began to do things in their giftedness?What would happen if we as Christians began to encourage one another in their giftedness. What if the passions were encouraged?

Would we see change in the people in the church? We people be happier? Would they begin to speak life to people outside the church? Would the world be shaken when people began to freely speak life and hope?

So what does this all mean? This is just some thoughts and questions to make you think, make you ponder what could all this mean. There will be more to this conversation….

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