Hot, Cold and Deer

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This morning while I was driving to work I had so many thoughts going through my mind, things I needed to do once I got to work, things I need to remember to plan for, and  so on and so on.  One of my thoughts today was about the crazy crazy weather. Just last week we out in short sleeve shirts and flip flops and now I am driving to work with the heater blasting and its like 30 degrees.  I know that I have been told Michigan weather is crazy but this seems so extreme.  While I was thinking this, I thought about our relationships with God.  How often we go from hot to cold in what seems like an instant.  How it seems like without warning our emotions take us up and down and from hot to cold in our relationship with God.  Maybe that is just me that it seems that way.  However while I was driving this morning and I missed my turn.  Now this did not delay me too much, but that turn was for the quick way to the office instead of driving through another town that takes an additional 15 minutes.  Then I remembered I had one more street I could turn down to avoid the town, I had not ever taken this way before but I knew it was there.  So as I turn and I am driving all of a sudden I see 4 deer, they were almost at the road, in this huge field, they saw me and turned and ran the other way.  In the brief moment as I watched these 4 beautiful deer run across the field I thought about how God is there no matter if we are hot or cold.  The beauty of his creation surrounds us in everything, and He is there when we are hot and when we are cold.  He is faithful to be there and to remind us that He is there.  Through the beauty of creation, conversations with friends or moments when you just know. God is always there

I did not take this picture but thought it fit perfectly.


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  1. in agreement with what you are saying.. I think you were led down that road so you would see the deer and be reminded that God is always there.. 🙂

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