New Season

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Change is necessary and a natural part of life.  Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Change is big and small.  It seems as though change is eminent. 

I feel as though that I am entering a new season in my life.  A new season that is unknown, but that I know is a good thing.  Right now the seasons have changed from winter to spring, but yet there are days where I am unsure that spring is really here.  There are days where it is snowing and then it is hot shortly after.  It seems as though seasons have overlapped and right now we are in the overlap. However, as I am new to Michigan, maybe Spring is an overlap between summer and winter.  I know that I am definitely not in the winter season but I know that a new season is coming.

This new season is marked by many changes.  There is new growth, new challenges new life.  I guess we will just have to see where this season takes me.

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