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Easter is one of those days when everyone shows up to church, never mind that the last time they were there was Christmas and they will probably not think about going back to church until close to Christmas time again.  For some they are truly touched by the Easter services that they attend, and it is my prayer that everyone walks away from today’s services a little changed.  For some they are thinking that maybe this would be a good time to make some changes. You know, start attending a church, read the bible more, become more involved in the church.

In my mind I decided that Easter is the perfect time to start making changes.  What do I mean by this? I started this process about a month ago when I decided that it would be a good time to examine my priorities and make sure they were in line with my passion, and vision.  No point in doing something that has no end game.  Some people have heard me talk about my priorities, learn guitar, get better on the keyboard, get in shape.  There is some progress in some areas and very little progress in others.  I decided that I am going to start by making specific obtainable goals for the next month.  These are going to be smaller scale and things that I can look at and see if I have completed or not.  One thing that I have learned in my years of doing social work that if you want to make changes, specific, measurable and obtainable  goals are the key to making more long term goals.  One specific goal that I am going to make is to blog at least once a week. Any thoughts? Any goals that you want to make?


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