Gifts and Passion

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The past couple of weeks there have been so many thoughts flying through my mind. It seems as though when I was visiting Panama blogging just was so much easier to do and then I came back to Michigan and all my motivation to write had disappeared.  I have decided that I need to make time to write because if I don’t write it out the thoughts just keep running through my head.   The past couple days I have been challenged to look at my own passion and calling and more so why am I not doing that. What do I care about? Why is it that I am content to just do the stuff behind the scenes, even though my heart is not there? For those who know me, I am the person that will be consistent and run the computer or lights or whatever is needed for as long as it is needed.  I will be content to hide in the sound booth at church, unless I really know I need to go and pray for a specific person.  However, in that I know that passion is not there.  My thought have been going crazy about this stuff.

However, God is so faithful to slow down my thoughts when I really need to focus on something. Who do I care about? People. Some may say that is a cheese answer but its not completely. But when I go one step further, who will I go Madea to protect (if you get what I mean you might chuckle a little here, if not ask and I’ll explain)? My kids, not my biological kids, but those whom God has entrusted me to care for. If someone starts to mess with them, or tries to hurt them, there might be a problem.  Now I have learned that going Madea on someone wont help in the end, but when I go before my father in prayer, it definitely sounds different. I love people and care about them and for them. Its not just youth but those that cross my path in everyday life. I care what happens to my co-workers, I will pray for them and show them I care. How do I do that, sometimes I buy Starbucks for people because it just seems like they need some coffee, or sometimes I’ll give them a ride home because their ride overslept, or maybe I’ll buy them food because I know they don’t have money and are hungry. Funny thing is, I often help them see their own potential and encourage them to reach for their dreams.  Realistically, I want to help people see their potential and reach for their dreams.  I don’t care how old or young a person is, if they can still dream, I will come along side and encourage them in the process.

So maybe that’s the answer…. A verse that stuck out to me today was found in 1 Timothy 4:14

14Do not neglect the gift that is in you, which was given to you by prophecy with the laying on of the hands of the eldership.

I hope it speaks to you 🙂 Comments?

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