Changing seasons

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It’s a new season! Ok, I know the physically it is not a new season yet, Winter has continued to grasp a hold of most of the country and hit it with Arctic blasts. In my life a new season has come. I am moving back across the county, and into a new season. Things that once were key and important may not be as important and new things have gotten a promotion on my priority list. I am not sure yet, what all these changes will be, but one thing I have learned it that it is a new season coming and I need to be flexible and listen to god as my priority list is shaken up a little.

New seasons in our lives come and go and sometimes we are so stuck in the past season a that we miss out on the changes that God is trying to help us through. What do I mean by this? In the spiritual sense, it’s like we are all bundled up for winter, and spring is here. We act like we are still in winter when we have come into spring. It is time to change our clothes, and routines based on the new season. So my question is are we paying attention to the seasons spiritually or are we just looking at the physical season?

Just some thoughts, any ideas or comments welcome.

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