Happy New Year

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I know that the blog world will be filled today with posts about the new year and new years resolutions.  The new year seems like a great time to talk about plans for the future, whether we call them resolutions or goals it doesn’t matter except for whatever helps you to work towards making changes.  I am in the process of making goals for the years.  I have a goal to be more healthy, not saying I will be perfect but I am going to make more of an effort to be healthy, physically and emotionally.  What does that mean? That is a great question, I will be exploring that on a health specific blog http://fitnessgalnovice.wordpress.com/  this will be where I explore more about health and what it means to be healthy physically.

Here I will talk more about emotional health and how to be healthy emotionally.  There are many things that people do to be more healthy.  Today I will talk about being more deliberate about your mental health.  A few steps for the new year, make time for yourself. This next year one of the things I am going to do it make it a priority to have time to myself to do things like read a book (non school related) or just relax.

What are some things that you are planing to do?

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