Spiritual Gifts and Gifts and Talents

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We each have many gifts, gifts that can be used for good and gifts that can be used for other purposes.  Lately I have been thinking a lot about gifts and what it means to use my gifts and why it is sometimes so difficult to use them and not hide them. So first things first, lets talk about what some spiritual gifts are.

There are many spiritual gifts, some people are what others call an “intercessor,” which means that they love to pray for others and they pray. Others are  have the gift of prophecy which means that they speak the will of God.  This gift is often misused or people act as though they have this but they are saying things that they want to see happen. Some have a gift of serving. You probably know who these people are, you know the one that does the behind the scenes jobs, that cleans up after an event or does whatever is needed. There are some with the gift of teaching. This person is not always in front of a crowd teaching people, contrary to popular opinion. Sometimes that person is blogging, or doing one on one work with people.  Some have a gift of encouragement. They are able to have a word to encourage you or build you up. Some have the gift of giving, meaning that they have this desire to give. Some are gifted with leadership, we all grew up with kids that naturally were gifted in leadership and somehow always found themselves in leadership roles without much effort. There are many other gifts  and for today I am not going through all of them. It is important to understand that we each have different gifts and they look very different based on the person’s personality or other gifts that they possess.

Sometimes delving into the world of spiritual gifts can be a little scary. When you are in a group of people talking or learning about what your spiritual gifts are you are vulnerable. You are open. People are looking at you in some cases and telling you what they see in you. It is a positive thing but it can be a little on the scary side because you are vulnerable.  Maybe you don’t feel that way. Maybe you love talking about spiritual gifts and getting feedback from others. Some of us doubt the things that people speak about us. We don’t believe that we are good at this or that or that. I know for me I have a hard time looking or listing my spiritual gifts because I just don’t see them. People can tell me what they see in me but I rarely see what they see. To be vulnerable to let people know that you struggle with believing in yourself can be difficult. However, it is needed to grow and heal.  I know my mind is wandering lots and this post is all different directions. Tell me what are your thoughts on this? Anyone else doubt that they have spiritual gifts some days? What do you see in yourself that others don’t? What do others see in you that you do not see in yourself?




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