New Year

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Here we are at the beginning of the new year. Everyone is reflecting back on 2014 and deciding what changes they want to make in 2015. For some they want to lose weight, or save money, or any number of things. My fitness blog has very specific fitness related goals that I plan on achieving this year. But fitness is not all of whom I am. Fitness goals are one par of my goals for the year. So what are my other goals? What other plans do I have.

1. Get my proposal completed and approved (this is doable right?

2. Memorize and re-memorize more of the bible, specifically 10 verses a week (I know that’s 520 verses of the Bible)

3. Transform lives

4. Blog weekly

5. Oh yeah save the world

There are probably more goals but for now that’s my focus. What are your goals?

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