Christmas Musings

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Christmas is here!! This season is always a season where I am full of wonder both for what we see around and for the miracle of Christmas. I walk around and everywhere I look there are decorations. For some reason the season just seems magical right? The thing is that for me, while I can enjoy the magic of Christmas, by all accounts I should not. I am here on Christmas Eve writing this post in between the services at church, it has been a long day, well since Thursday  and its Saturday and I have a few more hours to go before service is over and I am home in my bed sleeping. However in the midst of the crazy busy, God chooses to interrupt my plans and speak to me. To remind me of the true miracle of Christmas and His great love for me.

Christmas brings so many things for so many people. We all of our ideas of Christmas and what it means for us. For some Christmas is hard, and they miss those that they have lost or the loneliness comes crashing in and the feelings of hopelessness overwhelm them. I am sure that people who are well meaning may even say things that are an attempt to be nice or to help you feel better but only reinforce the pain and hurt. For you, yes you that is hurting and feeling all alone, God loves you and sent His Son to be born a baby and live a sinless life so that He (God) could be in relationship with you. Yes, sometimes it may feel like He is far away but He is right there. Jesus came to be Emmanuel, God with us.

For some of you Christmas is about family and is always amazing, please remember that not everyone has that experience. Sometimes Christmas means bringing new people into the family. I know that I have been blessed over the years to have family no matter where I was. I know that one day, I want to be family to those that are alone and need family. If you have people that are alone, I challenge you to invite them to be a part of your family, you may find that you gain more than you could ever dream possible.

Maybe we should share about Emmanuel, God with us, more.



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