Moving into New Space

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Seasons come and season go and in each season we have expectations both in our own seasons of life and in the actual seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer). For me I am entering another new season which is hard because it seems like the season I am in is ending as soon as it began. This new season is different than others because I feel like I am being taken out of the pot I have been growing in and planted beside a stream of water. However, I am stubborn and have not allowed this to happen until now. Due to this I have become like a “pot bound” plant. Let me tell you what this looks like, stunted growth, pale and dull, top-heavy, generally declining….. I know that this is how I have felt over the last little while and I am not recognizing it. Maybe you feel like you have lost the sparkle, or like you are not growing the way you should be or just not doing well overall. Maybe its time to look and what you are planted in.

So the hard part in this is that when a plant gets replanted part of the healing process is to break up the roots a bit, and in some cases remove the bottom thru of the root ball, as well as any damaged or dead roots. This is the hard part because that means things that were once what rooted you, may no longer be a part of your life. You might not have even realized that the roots were dead or dying. Why do you need to get rid of so many roots you might ask, to encourage growth of new roots where you will be replanted.  I know for me, I would say the pot I have been planted in has been very shallow and my roots have not had to go very deep (I sometimes refer to myself as a nomad) but in this new season I am being planted in a place where I am going to have to have new and deep roots and the roots that once were ok will no longer work because they are not deep and you need deep roots when storms come. So feel free to journey with me as I learn how to put down deep roots and ask yourself where am I at in this season? Is it time for a change?

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