Key Change

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When you have had music as a part of your life for as long as you can remember you listen to music very differently than just the average person. I listen to music and hear things like hearing a key change, or specific instrument that sounds so perfect playing the part. I have my favorite instruments that I love to hear play melodies and I hear each and every part that plays. So the question is have you ever listened to a song and heard a key change in the song? Sometimes you hear the person singing say something like “we’re going up now?” or something like that? Or have you heard a song two different times in different keys. Some of you might be thinking what is she talking about? I know it might sound confusing so let me provide some information.

Sometimes in a song there will be a key change which means some of the notes change. In worship music we see this where songs are sung in different keys based on who is singing the song. When a male is leading he is going to sing it in a lower key than a female. However in that, sometimes a song has one or more key changes.  There is one song that I was listening to today that has 4 separate key changes. As a musician, key changes can be difficult. You have to remember what notes are now sharp or flat, you have a little more concentration but sometimes it sounds great. The song is the same song but is going to sound very different.

Recently this is what the Lord has been speaking to me about. He knows so well how to speak to me in a way that I understand.  As someone that has been involved in music for most of my life, using musical terms is one way that God is able to speak to my heart.  So when you hear that a key change is coming you know it is time to be alert and ready for the slight change in how things are played.  So as I am listening to what is coming, I have some ideas of what might lay ahead but until I am certain that while the song may be the same it is not going to sound quite the same.  Where are you at? Where is God moving in your life? Is there a change that needs to happen?

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