Timing is Everything

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How many times have we heard that timing is everything? How often have we doubted God because His timing was not the same as our own? In the Bible we read story after story about how perfect God’s timing is. How sometimes we have to wait for what we want because it is not the time for it yet. Recently I read one of the stories about Saul in the Old Testament and how he became the one chosen as king. The story is found in 1 Samuel 9.  One day Saul’s father’s donkeys ran off and he had to go and find them. He searched all day and was unable to find the donkeys. Saul says to his servant after searching all day, lets go home, my father will be more worried about me than the donkeys. The servant says that there is a man of God nearby and that maybe he can ask the man of God where the donkeys are. So Saul and his servant went of to find the man of God (Samuel). Meanwhile, Samuel had been told by God the day before that a man would come from the land of Benjamin (where Saul was from) at a certain time the next day.  When Samuel saw Saul, the Lord told him, this is the man I told you about.  He was anointed as king the next day and told specific signs that he would see to confirm this.

Now, back to the idea of timing. God told Samuel the day before the donkeys got loose that a man from Benjamin would be there. Saul happened to wander that direction looking for his father’s donkeys and his servant happened to remember that there was a man of God in that city. Right? things lined up so perfectly because God’s timing was perfect.  Had Saul not had to go look for the donkeys would he have been anointed king? This was not something he was trying for, in fact later in the story, when before the whole assembly, they went to find him as Samuel was going to announce that he was the chosen one and he was hiding.  He was hiding even though God had already confirmed that he was going to be king. Now that is another post for another day. But timing is everything and God’s timing is perfect and bigger than we can even imagine. Where are you waiting for God to move? Are you able to wait for God’s timing or are you in a rush to do things right away? There will be more to this story of Saul over the next few blogs.

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