Where are you being sent?

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“When God sees a problem, He sends a person” (Christian Mungai). Throughout history problems have been solved by people. While God is the one acting and moving, he is moving through people. We see mighty men and women throughout history that saw the problem and responded. When God sees a problem He sends a person, this is said frequently by one of the pastors at my church. Every time I hear it I think what problem is God sending me to, am I listening to Him, am I missing something? What is it that God has uniquely created me to respond to. God has made us as his masterpiece (See Previous Blog Here) Where has He intended us to be and what has He created us to do. Some people are blessed with gifts and passions that take them to the farthest reaches of the Earth and to reach people using their gifts. Some are gifted and have passion for issues that are much closer to home. Both are needed because there are problems all around us here as well as across the Earth. When we see the problem that God is calling us to respond to what do we do? Do we go? Do we respond? Do we tell God to send someone else?

Now, none of us want to admit that at times when God calls us we tell Him to send someone else but rest assured that we are in good company. Moses the man that led his people out of Egypt and let the people of Israel, told God at the burning bush to send someone else. I know that I have told God to send someone else. He does not always say yes. God still sent Moses, but God gave Moses help, he sent Aaron with him. What problem is God sending you to? Are you saying yes or are you saying send someone else?

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