I Wanna Be Used By You

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For the last 8 weeks I have been privileged to be a part of an unbelievable program at my church called IMPACT. IMPACT is a program to develop Spirit powered leaders. Last night was our last meeting, and God truly showed up and spoke to each person in a different way.  As I was leaving and processing the night (those who know me know sometimes it takes me a bit to process things fully) I had this song pop into my head.  Now, if you have been reading my blog for awhile this may sound familiar because this is one way that God speaks to me. For some reason music has this way of speaking straight to my heart and bypassing my brain.  The line that started running through my mind was “I wanna be used by You.” I could not get this line out of my head, which meant that I had to find the song on my phone and play the whole song.

You are calling me
I can hear it clearly
To stand for purity and what’s pleasing to Your heart
You are showing me I can see it clearly
A sense of destiny a change from everything around
Take me by the hand and show me what You’re planning
I wanna be a part of Your design
Guide me by the heart and show me what’s the future
I wanna leave a mark on history
I wanna be used by You
I wanna be used by You
So don’t look me over
I’m waiting for You broken
I wanna be used by You
So have Your way
Have Your way

Deluge- I want to Be Used by You

This song became my heart’s cry, and has been playing on a loop in my mind since then. What does it look like to be used by the Father? How often do we ask God to take us by the hand?  Here is what I know, I know that God is speaking to me about some new things, new areas of ministry and stepping into things that scare me. Things that are not in my comfort zone by any stretch of the imagination. We have all done things that scared us on some level, whether it was as a child, starting school for the first time, or going to college, or speaking in front of a large group.  For me, doing IMPACT was scary, I hate being in small groups. Like literally hate it, I have gotten used to leading them over the years because it is easier to lead it then to be in the group. Typically in small groups I will avoid talking at all costs. It was hard and scary being in a small group, and on top of that I had group leaders that were not going to let me get out of talking, ever. In fact, they would make sure to ask me questions directly to engage me in the discussion and often my face would just turn bright red (it does not take much for me to get the red face) and possible my heart rate would jump a bit. While it was scary, something happened in this group, I started to like the group, I talked a little bit without having a direct question asked of me, not always but sometimes. I actually looked forward to going to this group even then I knew I was probably going to turn red in the face and my heart was possibly going to jump a bit. So all that to say, I know that God is calling me to things that are scary for me, but my heart is crying out to be used by Him so while things may be scary, I know that He will be there and He will guide me by the hand. Where is God calling you? How is He speaking to You? Is it outside of your comfort zone? What is your heart’s cry? Lets chat!

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