Growing Pains

Are you growing? Do you feel the growing pains?

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Does anyone remember the TV Show growing pains? You know the one about the Seaver family? We see a family that makes some changes and then follows as the children grow up. Anyways, we see some of their growing pains over the years as the kids do things that are funny stories when we watch but that also seems like a mirror of things we may have seen in our own lives right?  Growing pains come not only in the form of a show in TV. We also have people that remember having growing pains physically as they were growing up,  and for the parents there was not much they could do to make it better. We also hear this term used in organizations that are maybe struggling after some changes or growth right? We might say that the organization is going through some growing pains.

In our own lives sometimes we feel the pain that comes with emotional or spiritual growth. You know when we have let go of things we have been holding on to and it hurts and is scary because you don’t know how you will function without that thing. Or when you have to step into something that is unknown or scary? When we want to grow we have to remember that there is some pain in the process. You don’t grow from your comfort zone, it comes when you step outside the comfort area and you have to grow to rise to the occasion. How do we survive the growing pains? We turn to God who comforts us and supports us as we grow, we turn to our community and we seek support from those around us.  Are you growing? Are you sitting comfortable? Do you want to grow? Lets chat! How can I support you as you grow?


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