Book Review: The Last Arrow

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Have you ever read a book and thought, man I need to highlight everything? Or that speaks to the core of who you are and calls out to the part of you that is longing for more. If not I would recommend reading The Last Arrow: Save Nothing for the Next Life even if you have read a book that calls out to your soul and your cravings for more, I suggest reading this book to be refreshed and set back on fire to go at life with all that is  within you.

I have spent the last month as part of the launch team for this book, which meant that I received a preview copy of the book, and now that it is available for everyone I want to shout out from the rooftops how amazing this book is.

The Last Arrow is not a hard read, I would say that most people can make it through the book, that everyone will find truth that speaks to their heart, their soul and calls them to strive for more, to not give up while they still have arrows to use. One of the stories that is used from the Bible is the story of Elisha and his decision to follow Elijah. He set his past on fire and followed Elijah, not giving himself and out of going back to what he knew. How often do we give ourselves an out when God calls us to something big and possibly scary?  Yeah, reading that chapter had me thinking a lot, and then this quote just spoke so clearly.


I know, this is just a taste of the nuggets that you can grab from this book.  The book is filled with nuggets and now that I have finished reading it, I am planning to read it again, because I know each time I read it I am going to learn more, new things will stand out and at some point my book will be filled with multiple color highlights, each from a different time I read the book.  If you ask me, this book is AMAZING and I think that everyone should read it.

You can buy your copy here, and just trust me it is amazing!

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