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Last week was my birthday, and whenever my birthday comes I reflect back on the year and where I am in comparison to where I had hoped to be and what I had hoped I would be doing. Last year on my birthday I was working 2 jobs part time, and a crazy schedule. Those who knew me understood that things got crazy most days because there would be series of days where I would be functioning on a couple hours a night or for several days.

This year, I am working just one job, full time and normal hours. I did not plan on being where I am at all. But I know that God orchestrated bringing me to exactly where I am. I had planned on finishing my dissertation and being doing clinical work. I am not done with my dissertation, but I am a lot farther than I was before. There have been hiccups along the way and detours on the path but I know that God has had me in his hands the whole time and has been guiding me in the process.

I begin also to think about where I am hoping to be in a year. I am hoping that I will be done with my dissertation and be in a place where I can do some clinical work, as well as my current job. I am hoping for things but I know that God has me in his hand and is guiding me to be who He has called me to be.

When do you reflect?

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