What is your starting point?

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As the new year starts, I think about what I want to be different this year. I know most of us use this as a time to recalibrate our lives, check priorities and see what we want to do differently. For me, I have goals that I have set for myself in different areas of my life, I have fitness goals (see my post on that here Fitness Goals) I have goals related to my faith, goals related to my professional life and goals related to overall well-being. I know it sounds like there is way to much going on but setting a couple of goals in different areas means you are always working to do or be better.

One thing I learned though this week was that you have to know where you actually are in order to gauge your goals. I have a goal in my fitness goals to lose a set amount of weight, which meant I had to step on the scale and be honest with myself about where I had let myself land at the end of the year. That was not easy, and most women and maybe even the men would agree that when we know we have not been eating healthy we don’t really want to look at the number on the scale right? So as I am making goals, I am also looking at where I am at in each of those areas right now and how am I going to make the changes I want to see. What new habits will I create this year? Last year, I worked hard to establish daily reading my Bible as a routine. Now, this is what I do, most of the time (there are occasions where I miss a day). This year I want to work on memorizing more of my Bible, so I am going to start establishing a habit of memorizing verses each week.

What are goals you are setting? Have you looked at where you are right now and how you will get to where you want to be? Let’s chat!

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