Bold Prayers

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Recently I started reading Draw The Circle by Mark Batterson and today I read something that struck me. You see this book is a 40-day prayer journey, so each day has a different title. Today the topic was “Crazy Faith.”

Today as I read this chapter on Crazy Faith I began to think about the things that people have crazy faith to do. I think about the bold prayers that come out of a crazy faith. There was a quote that really hit home.

Bold prayers honor God and God honors bold prayers

Draw the Circle (Mark Batterson)

As I read this I thought about what are the bold prayers that I have. What the things that I am asking God for that are crazy. At that time, I could not think of anything that I was asking God for boldly. I remember that there have been times I have prayed bold and crazy things but recently there has been nothing that I have had to pray boldly for. So I went to basics and prayed and asked God what is it that I should be praying bold for? What is He doing in my life? Where is He already speaking in my life?

As I began to pray, I found my prayer changing, and all of a sudden there were things I had not even thought of to ask being prayed. It made me think, maybe being bold sometimes means asking God where He wants us to ask for bold things.

What are the bold prayers you are praying?

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