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In the midst of the COVID crisis people are finding themselves more and more disconnected to one another. The struggle of connecting online has become increasingly difficulty and draining. We long for community, and yet the one we find in the virtual world is not filling the need. How do we find a way to be connected once again in the midst of social distancing ?

The church is striving to connect, through zoom, through facebook live, through text and through calls and yet there are those who seem to slip through the cracks. We as a church know that life change happens in circles and not rows, but when we are all staring at a screen it appears as though out circles have disappeared. Is the Zoom chat providing a place of growth or is it filling a time slot? Is it just a place where we mark off that we tried to connect with others?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have felt increasingly disconnected. I should preference this and state I was already feeling disconnected before the COVID crisis. This crisis has only exasperated the already disconnected feeling that came from a feeling of discontent. It does not feel like Zoom calls are helping with the feeling of disconnect, especially with feeling exhausted with the calls. The video calls seem far more draining than that of those in-person interactions and part of me wants to avoid them at all costs. Then I wonder if I am the only one that dreads having all my connections via video? I wonder if I am the only one feeling increasingly disconnected?

What are you doing to stay connected? How are you dealing with the Zoom fatigue?

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