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I love snow!! Now for others who have lived in Michigan a long time snow is not always seen as a blessing or something to love. I understand all of these thoughts, the roads are dangerous, and it is cold, and parking lots are have ice on the ground. I am sure there are some more reasons but I can’t think of them. But in the midst of all of this, there is something special about snow. Snow is beautiful, it sparkles at night, and it just makes everything look magical. Thats right I said magical. Snow covers all of the ugliness of winter in a white layer of beauty. The dirt and mud are covered and everything just looks new. I know I may sound like a little child but God has blessed us with the snow, maybe to remind us that God create beauty or maybe to remind us about our sins being washed clean.

Watching the snow fall, the big flakes each with their individual designs and everything seems right. So today as our cities are filled with snow, maybe we can just praise God for the beauty and enjoy it while it is here. It will soon melt away but in our minds we can capture the beauty and remember that God creates beauty.

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  1. While I am one of those who do not like the cold. I do appreciate the beauty of a fresh blanket of snow over everything- reminding us of His grace. Well said.

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