Safe Places…

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How often have we yearned to be in a safe place? How often has this interfered with doing things that we wanted to do but we’re a little afraid of doing? At what point did we become so focused on being in a safe place that we forgot about the excitement of adventure?

A mentor recently told me “Safety is for stationary sissies.” I wonder how often we think that about others and forget to include ourselves in that? How many of us have safe places that we like to be and we try really hard to stay in? I know I am guilty of that on more than one occasion. 

What do you consider your safe place to be? My safe place is in the sound booth at church, I know for others this area may seem like the scariest place at a church. I love technology and it comes fairly easy for me and being in the sound booth I am not expected to be vulnerable with other people, in fact I can have a little interaction as I want. However; we are not called and destined to stay in safe places. We are called to grow and stretch and that only comes from stepping outside of the safe place and doing things that are uncomfortable. Sometimes the safe place is a nice place to have to rest, to heal, and prepare for the next part of the journey. Remember that we are not supposed to live only in the safe places. 

How can I leave my safe place to  test the waters? WIll I have to give up my safe place forever? Why should I grow and stretch? 

Testing the waters does not mean that you go from living in the sound booth to preaching in church. Testing the waters means taking steps out to allow yourself to grow. Maybe this means leading a small group, or serving in some other capacity the is outside of your comfort zone. You may find yourself one day preaching in front of the whole church but your need to grow to reach that point. That is not saying that you won’t be stretched farther that you think you can go, but allow God to work in you and you may find that there is more you can d than you thought. 

You do not have to give up your safe place forever. There may be seasons where you do not have this place to go to, but that does not mean that it is gone forever. I stopped working in the sound booth for a season and allowed God to stretch and grow me, and then I returned to being in the sound booth and continued to find areas to serve that also cause me to be stretched and for me to grow. 

You can chose not to grow but you will be missing out on your calling and destiny. You will probably miss out on relationships that you need more than you know and experiences that will heal previous hurts as well. My word to the wise allow God to move in you and moveut of the comfort zone. 

Thoughts? How have you been called out of safe places? What are some other safe paces?

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