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Gifts, callings and light switches….

Have you ever been given a gift from God and for some reason or another you plead with Him to take it back. Maybe its because the gift if ¬†too scary and intimidating for you or maybe you just can’t believe that God would use you in such a way so you ask him to

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“Ask and I’ll give the nations to you”

Songs have a way of speaking to me, they bypass my brain and can go straight to my heart. Song words will sit on repeat in my mind whether or not I want them to. I have this uncanny way of remembering song words and melodies and sometimes even figuring out where the melody is

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Who Am I To….

My church is doing the One Year Study Bible daily read. This morning after I got home from the gym and I sat down to read todays reading and it just hit home. Today we see the first part of God’s call to Moses to go and RESCUE the people of Israel from Egypt. So

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