Calling all the Dreamers

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Dreamers often get a bad rap, they are told that they are just dreamers. People think that they are only going to dream and not do anything about it. People often forget that all of the biggest changes, the things that impact the world the most were first a dream. To the dreamers, what are you dreaming about? What big and crazy thing are you dreaming of doing? Are you going to let the stereotype stay that dreamers just dream but don’t do anything or are you going to break the stereotype? How are you going to change the world? How are you going to make your dream a reality?

I am a dreamer. I have big dreams and plans and vision for how to change lives and communities. I have had some of my dreams for more than 15 years, you know what has changed? My dreams have just gotten bigger and more audacious. So now I sit here and I am making the plans to make the dream happen. What does that mean? How do us dreamers start to make the dreams a reality? We get to work! For me that means over the next couple of months I will be dedicating time to starting a non-profit because I know that is the first step to my big dream. Also that means I am going to put my money where my mouth is and I am going to put half of my profits from my wellness business directly towards this goal. I am also making a list of my dream team that I want to be involved in this so I can begin to talk to them about the dream and see if they want to jump in with me.

Recently I have had a part of a song stuck in my mind here is the part that has being going through my mind “If you face the fear that keeps you frozen, Chase the sky into the ocean
That’s when something wild calls you home, home” (Lindsey Sterling Something Wild Calls You Home).  I think about the fear that has me frozen in running towards my dreams and I have decided to face it and run at my dreams with everything I have. So I am running towards my dreams and I may fail, I may end up bruised and scarred but I would rather end up failing but having tried instead of full of regret from not trying.

So to those that have spent their life being told that they are just dreamers and have considered themselves to be just a dreamer, keep dreaming and start doing.

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