Seasons Change

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Here we are again, at the start of a new season, fall is coming, kids are going back to school and routine is becoming key once again. For me, this season change is a welcome one. I am finishing my internship this week and am now going to be needing to just finish my dissertation to finish my Ph.D. This means that there are some changes to my routine for sure! I will no longer be commuting over 3 hours a day minimum and will be working in an area where I can actually make money. So now here I am talking about the season changing once again.

The thing about seasons changing is that it is a great time to re-evaluate your priorities and determine what it is that truly matters. So for me some of my priorities have shifted. I will be cleaning up my friends list on Facebook. One focus I have for this next season is making sure that I am giving people the time they should be given based on priority  of relationship. That being said, I am not going to start ignoring my friends but there are some people that may have been on the back-burner longer than I expected or thought that I will be being intentional about spending time with. I am also going to ensure that other things I can about that have found themselves on a back-burner get moved back up in priority.

When we want to grow as people, sometimes we have to cut off the parts that are dead. Sometimes we are holding on to things that should be cut off to allow new growth. Sometimes we are afraid to go a new direction or try something different because we worry that we will fail or that things will not go as expected. However to grow we have to be stretched. We have to allow ourselves to be transformed. With fall coming this seems appropriate. In fall we see the leaves change colors and we often think about how pretty they are, until they begin to fall off the trees… Then we worry that the tree is going to look dead…. But then new growth comes. Seasons change so be prepared for what is coming next and enjoy the season you are in.

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