The Journey Continues

Today the journey towards being known continues…

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Last week I talked about the baby steps towards becoming known, and how they still are steps towards the right direction.  Today I am still going to be talking about my own journey towards being known, the steps along the way so that you can be encouraged in your own journey.

So, let us start with the journey thus far. For those that have been reading last week I talked about joining a women’s bible study. I should probably make a couple things clear about joining this bible study, I had been two times and had not added any kind of comment to the discussion time at all. In my mind I had lots of things I could have said to add to the discuss to perhaps allow myself to be known. This week, I went in with a goal, if there was something I could add to the discussion I would make at least 1 attempt to speak up.  Coming from my training in psychology and having worked with clients to  interact in group settings before, I knew in my mind what I should do even if it was not something I wanted to do. Now I had the caveat before making the attempts that if I had something to add to the discussion, because I was a not going to make myself speak up and say something that was not applicable.

So the discussion time started and these amazing women had all kinds of great insights about the verses we had read over the week and I really had nothing to add. I was thinking, this is going to be an easy week, I don’t even have anything going through my mind to share so I won’t have to say anything. Time was getting towards the end and we were not moving very far  through the material and my mind thought even better I am going to have to leave soon and I won’t be able to share.  Well, we all know that it was not going to be that easy right? Nope! Then we got to an area and we stayed there of a minute and of course I then had something to add to the discuss. I could feel my heart start to beat a little quicker, but then, I raised my hand indicating I had something to add.  I said what was rumbling through my mind, and gave an example of how something in the Bible is seen in life and then that was it I thought. Until someone else throughout the discussion mentioned what me and what I had shared and how it made them think. That part was unexpected, but it was also kind of nice.

So then as we were ending and getting ready to leave, this nice woman sitting on my right said something that hit home, she said thank you for sharing, I would not have even thought of that, but it really does make sense.  That was the moment right there when it hit me that I had something to add, and while it is not something I do easily, like some of the other women who share lots of things, when I do it has an impact, who I am and what I know impacts others.

So this week, what will the goal be? This week I am going to try and add something to discuss when in small group settings 2 times when I have something to add. What will your goal be? Are you in a small group? Do you need to find a small group? How can I pray for you on your journey?

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