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AMAZING with a touch of scary

A few weeks ago I started talking about the journey towards being known. I talked a bit about the journey as I began to walk the path. I thought today I should probably check back in and see how your journey is going and tell you a bit about the things I am learning along

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Intentionally Being Known

So last week, we talked about my journey towards being known (The Journey Continues) I told you about my goal for this week, to speak up two times during small group times. You know what happened, it actually happened but something even crazier happened, my heart did not start racing, and I did not feel

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We were created for relationship. God created us to have relationship with Him. Because of this we were created with a desire to know and be known. So then why is that sometimes it is so incredibly difficult to allow ourselves be known? Anyone else ever feel like being known is a bit on the

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