Intentionally Being Known

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So last week, we talked about my journey towards being known (The Journey Continues)

I told you about my goal for this week, to speak up two times during small group times. You know what happened, it actually happened but something even crazier happened, my heart did not start racing, and I did not feel nearly as anxious as the previous week.  It seems to have gotten just a little easier to speak up. In this process, the Lord has been so faithful. He has placed people in my life that have affirmed me in speaking up or sharing my thoughts.

Learning to be known, is not easy, and right now, I’m a few weeks into this journey and what I have learned in the process is that by being intentional about being known and building relationships with people, is that it seems to get easier. Now just because it is getting easier does not mean that it is easy by any stretch of the imagination. And the introvert in me still gets exhausted when I have to spend to much time with people without giving myself the time alone to make sure I am re-charged enough for that.

The goal now you might ask, the goal now is to be intentional in building relationships with people and being known. I have decided to not focus on a numerical goal because I get to focused on doing just that and nothing more. Learning to be naturally intentional is more difficult than I thought, but I am going to try. So how is your journey going? Where are you at?

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