“Ask and I’ll give the nations to you”

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Songs have a way of speaking to me, they bypass my brain and can go straight to my heart. Song words will sit on repeat in my mind whether or not I want them to. I have this uncanny way of remembering song words and melodies and sometimes even figuring out where the melody is going the first time I hear a song. Lately there have been quite a few songs running through my mind, most of them older songs. There is a pretty common theme that has been running through them and you might have already seen the theme throughout the recent blogs.

You said, “Ask and you will receive
Whatever you need”
You said, “Pray and I’ll hear from Heaven
And I’ll heal your land”

You said, Your glory will fill the earth
Like water, the sea
You said, “Lift up your eyes
The harvest is here, yes the Kingdom is near”

You said, “Ask and I’ll give the nations to you”
Oh, Lord, that’s the cry of my heart
Distant shores and the islands will see
Your light, as it rises on us –

You Said- Hillsong

For many years, I have known this song, it is an older worship song that in the last month or so has found itself on my worship playlist. The nations are waiting. I see so much hurt in our own nation, and I see the darkness in the other nations and my heart is broken.  If you have been following my blog for awhile you might remember that as a teenager I prayed that my heart would break for the things that breaks God’s heart. That may have been many many years ago, but my heart still breaks for the things that break God’s heart. I see the people hurting, crying out for help, needing God and His healing power.

Only ask, and I will give you the nations as your inheritance,
    the whole earth as your possession.- Psalms 2:8

Over the years God has given me the heart of a a missionary, of one that  sees the lost people, those in need of His healing power, His love, His restoration or Him. If you were to ask me about my favorite books they would be Brutchko and Peace Child and The Savage My Kinsmen. I wonder though, how many future missionaries are sitting in churches thinking that they can never be a missionary because they are not good enough, smart enough, to shy…. you know the list I am sure. While in this moment I am not currently in another country, I am planning, and waiting knowing that in this season I am here because God has me here to learn, grown and do some work. There will be future seasons where I will do more short term missions work because my heart is drawn to the nations. So the question are you listening to your heart? I know that for me listening to my heart is sometimes difficult, I am a thinker not a feeler so my brain and logic usually rule decisions. But God, who knows us better than we know ourselves knows exactly how to speak directly to our hearts and how to put the heart in control of the decisions. For me its that a song will get stuck in my mind. What is it for you? How does God speak to your heart? Are you listening? What is it that you are being called to do? Lets Chat!

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