AMAZING with a touch of scary


A few weeks ago I started talking about the journey towards being known. I talked a bit about the journey as I began to walk the path. I thought today I should probably check back in and see how your journey is going and tell you a bit about the things I am learning along the way.

Being known is not nearly as scary as it was when I first started this journey. I have been pleasantly surprised by the AMAZING people that I have come across. I was not one that liked women typically, in my experience they are not usually nice, we women have this reputation for being mean and catty towards one another. However, I have found a group of women that are some of the most amazing ladies I have met. They are so warm and caring and encouraging to one another. The place definitely feels safe and so I feel like I am able to allow myself to be known. I should say that it is not easy, but it is easier after I made a decision to be intentional about the process.

I still have moments, when I am in other groups of people where I sit quietly and hope to avoid most talking, but they are less often than before. I find that I am drawn to people that before I would have avoided. I know those I would have avoided, were because I could tell that they would not allow me to hide in my corner. They are those people that have this way of pulling people out of their comfort zones and challenging them to try new things and grow. I find now that I am grateful for those people that have challenged me out of my comfort zone because I see the growth that came from that movement.  Those moments when my face turned red immediately after being asked a question in a group (I really hate how quickly my face turns red) while in the moment I hated, possibly  shooting daggers with my eyes at the person, but now I am so grateful for those moments because they were a catalyst for change.

Do you have people in your life that challenge you? Do you have people that drag you out of the comfort zone? If not, you should probably find some, because that is the way you will be known. Let’s chat!

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  1. Amen Beth!! Comfortable is the most dangerous place to be, as it too often leads to complacency and then stagnation. Our faith is not meant to be any of those things. You are one of those women who challenge me to grow beyond my current (self-made) boundaries!

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