There must be more 

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I love how the book I am reading has something each and every day that brings life and spurns transformation. This week one thing I read that struck me was a statement about how often we settle for less that what God wants to do through us. This made me think, and ask do I settle for less? In first glance people might say that I am allowing myself to be fully used by God, and it seems like he is doing a lot through me. However, I would say I settle for far less because I let things limit me in allowing God to work. I know that I let fear limit what God can do through me. I pretend to not hear God tell me to do something because it is something that I am afraid of, or I am not obedient right away when He leads me because my own fears and insecurities. Maybe I am alone in that but I have a feeling that I am not alone.  I let my busy schedule limit what God can do by not leaving room for Him to work. When you don’t give margin for opportunities that you miss them. I am intentional about certain things, I intentionally set aside time before my day starts for quiet time because if I try and wait until later, it will not happen. I know that often I start my days early and am going until bed time and I miss any opportunity to stop and talk to someone or do something along the way because I hyper focus on my tasks and activities. Anyone else do this?

The question that really hit the point home was this: “do you sense there may be far more that God wants to do through your life that what you’ve been experiencing?”

When I read that my heart was instantly hit! And I had a glimpse of Belle going through my mind. Do you have that thought that there is more? That maybe God has even more for us, despite how much He has already given us? That we have the opportunity to move in new way through Him?

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