Stubborn But Still Called

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I don’t know about you but I have this tendency to be incredibly stubborn at times. You know like when I am comfortable and God is calling me into the uncomfortable places. Maybe you know this struggle? In a perfect world, I would be the one that would make everything happen, behind the scenes, you know outside of the eye of attention. I love logistics and administrative stuff and I really like being a good worker bee.

However, as much as I love those things, that is not what God has called me to do. So sometimes, God has to yank me out of the comfort zone (realistically usually He has to). In case you haven’t noticed from the regular blogs on it. Recently, I found myself once again being yanked from the comfort of my nice hiding spot where I can do things without being noticed. It started with just a little stirring, you know the feeling like something needs to be done, and you seem to be the only one to notice? Then your heart starts to break for the people affected, then it just plays on repeat in your mind… well thats how things usually go for me anyways. Recently, this has been the case, so now, I take the step.

I voice what has been stirring in me, maybe not to the full extent, just to let those that need to know, know and see what comes next right? Once I put it out there I have done my part right? Of course, there is a response, something like thats what we have been praying someone would want to do, or thats exactly what we need. Then you know, your hiding place is gone, demolished and never to be seen in that place again. Of course, I happen to be an expert and creating hiding places so, as much as I would like that this be the end of hiding, I know I will probably find myself in place again. Sometimes, I think God allows me seasons where I can step back and rest and recover and refocus, I just tend to stay there a little longer than I am supposed to. So my prayer is that I am more quick to listen and act the next time.

Are you hiding from where God has called you? What are you called to do? Who are you called to be? Let’s Chat

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