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Stubborn But Still Called

I don’t know about you but I have this tendency to be incredibly stubborn at times. You know like when I am comfortable and God is calling me into the uncomfortable places. Maybe you know this struggle? In a perfect world, I would be the one that would make everything happen, behind the scenes, you

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Gifts, callings and light switches….

Have you ever been given a gift from God and for some reason or another you plead with Him to take it back. Maybe its because the gift if  too scary and intimidating for you or maybe you just can’t believe that God would use you in such a way so you ask him to

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What defines you?

Have you ever been listening to a speaker, a pastor, a bible study on DVD or Podcast or an audiobook and been following right along and them bam! The speaker drops a bomb that just hits you from out of no where? You know when you walk away and try and process all that you

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