What defines you?


Have you ever been listening to a speaker, a pastor, a bible study on DVD or Podcast or an audiobook and been following right along and them bam! The speaker drops a bomb that just hits you from out of no where? You know when you walk away and try and process all that you just heard, but you know it was good? Yeah, so that happened this week. I have been a part of a group of ladies watching the Beth Moore Bible Study called the Law of Love. Now this would seem like a nice Bible study, its through the book of Deuteronomy which I am sure you probably are thinking that is a nice Old Testament book, its a history book right? That is what I was thinking, but the thing about history is that it repeats itself and often can be a mirror into our own current lives. So this week, the lesson was trekking along and we get pretty close to the end and she drops a bomb. The best way to describe how I felt is below.

So I am sure you are wanting to know what in the world she said. She is describing a section in Deuteronomy where the people are telling a history of who they are and how God has saved them and she brings in a quote from a commentary that says that this section “lines out Israel’s most treasured memory that decisively defines Israel’s present tense life.”  At first glance, and in the context of the night is was following right along then she said something so profound that my mind did a little like Dr. Phil above. She asked what is your most treasured memory? Then spoke about how this does not have to be nor is it usually a happy or good memory, it is the one you think about the most. So then I thought and that little memory jumped right up and reminded me of what it was. She continues and talks about how this memory is decisively defining us in our present tense life. I thought so more and you know that memory sure does define who I am, it colors my reactions and my thoughts and actions. As I pondered here for a moment I thought about some of what Brenè Brown says. She describes shame, and how that impacts us and how we need to question ourselves when we find ourselves in a place of shame, and how we need to say something along the lines of “the story I am telling myself is….” This can be used in a ton of settings, but it lines up so well with this. The story I am telling myself is I am not enough because (insert treasured memory here).  That treasured memory is what influences the story we tell ourselves about every situation, which makes us likely to fall into shame.

Now, Beth Moore says in her study that we need a memory that is worth treasuring, one that lines up with  the word of God. She tells us to get a new memory. I am going to say, yes get a new memory, but also call the old out for what it is. You can’t climb out of a pit of shame until you identify what it is. The memory is not the lie, the lie comes from the identity we allow ourselves to be given because of the memory. Call out the lie, speak the truth of who God says you are and find a new memory to define you, one that lines up with the word of God.  I know, I know easier said than done. Trust me I know, I am still working through this myself, but God is so faithful to listen and so patient as we work our way through this. What is God showing you? let’s chat!

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  1. Wow, that’s really cool. Got me thinking. Think I need to find a different set of memories to treasure. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I know that finding a new set of memories is not easy! I will be praying that you find a different set of memories.

      1. Thanks so much. Been thinking about it overnight and wow it’s a challenge to come up with those good memories. So sad that the negative ones have a habit of sticking out the most and staying with us.

      2. I would think about the times God has shown Himself faithful and hold on to those memories,

  2. Love the Dr. Phil gif!
    That’s what I felt when I read, “The story I am telling myself is I am not enough because (insert treasured memory here).”
    “The memory is not the lie, the lie comes from the identity we allow ourselves to be given because of the memory.”

    It’s not so much the memory, it’s the way I allow the memory to feed the false image of myself (by treasuring it).

    It’s so important to fill our hearts and minds with God’s word about who we really are!

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