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Rwanda Genocide Memorial

Today I spent time at the Rwanda Genocide Memorial and I was reminded how quickly a people group can be almost destroyed. Friends turned against friends solely because they were identified as different tribes. Power is what drove the genocide and deciding that one people group was worthless and less than human. I was reminded

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You must have the wrong person

I don’t know about you but I often wonder what my path might have looked like if… If I had done this or that or said this or that. If maybe I had pushed harder for this or been more patient with that. Do you ever wonder about things like me? Sometimes I even wonder

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What defines you?

Have you ever been listening to a speaker, a pastor, a bible study on DVD or Podcast or an audiobook and been following right along and them bam! The speaker drops a bomb that just hits you from out of no where? You know when you walk away and try and process all that you

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