Gifts, callings and light switches….

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Have you ever been given a gift from God and for some reason or another you plead with Him to take it back. Maybe its because the gift if  too scary and intimidating for you or maybe you just can’t believe that God would use you in such a way so you ask him to take back the gift. Maybe you have never even considered this. I know that I have. I know that once many years ago I had a gift from God, that scared me at times and overwhelmed me at times (because I could not understand it, and because I was afraid to use it) and so I begged God to take it back. And, I believe He did, much like the ocean took back the heart from Moana when she begged it to take back the heart. I know some of you who have not watched the movie but have heard about it are going what do you mean she gave the heart back we saw or heard that she restored that heart?

After Moana gives the heart back to the ocean she realizes that she was supposed to do this task. She receives some inspiration and encouragement and then, she gets the heart back. Of course Moana had to jump into the ocean and swim down deep to get the heart and then swim back up to her boat. She had to work for it this time, she had to show that she really wanted it. I wonder, if Moana had just told the ocean that she wanted it back would the ocean have given it to her? Or was that the moment that her determination proved she was ready to use the gift that was just there for her?

I wonder if in our relationships with God, when we ask Him to take back gifts because we are to scared to use them, if He wants us to come after the gift after He has it back in His hands? Romans 11:29 says “For God’s gifts and his call can never be withdrawn.” So its not that the gifts are not still there, we just can’t see them or use them. I want to say it is like when we pray that God take away a gift or a calling we are turning off the light switch of our gifts and callings. It is still there but we have to turn back on the switch for it to be in use. It is not that God took away the gift or the calling, He just let us turn off the lights until we are ready to turn them back on. I know I have a couple of areas of my life where I have been staring at the light switch wondering, do I really want to turn that switch back on? Am I going to be a willing vessel and allow God to work in and through me completely or will I chicken out and run and turnoff the switch again? For me, in my own life I am walking towards the switch to turn back on the gifts and callings I have turned the switch off for. What about you? Are there areas of your life where you have turned off the switch and are thinking maybe its time…? Let’s chat!

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