You must have the wrong person

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I don’t know about you but I often wonder what my path might have looked like if… If I had done this or that or said this or that. If maybe I had pushed harder for this or been more patient with that. Do you ever wonder about things like me?

Sometimes I even wonder if my own doubts and insecurities have kept God from doing all that He has planned for me to do. I think about times where I have argued with God about why He would use me to do something when someone else is clearly more qualified to do the task.  Maybe a little like Moana when she tells the ocean to find someone else?


The thing is, even though she gives back the heart and tells the ocean to find someone else (I can’t even count how many times I have done this with God), she still ends up doing exactly what she was supposed to do. I am comforted to know that even great men and women of God in the Bible had these types of discussions with God. ┬áThe difference was, when Moana gave up, she later realized that she had to work harder now for it. Moses, when he told God he had the wrong person, did indeed lead the people out of Egypt in the end right? Things were a little different than expected but he did do what he was called to do.

What are the things God is calling you to do? Who has God created you to be? Are you still trying to give him back what He has given you? Let’s chat!

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