Author: Beth

Here I Am…Send Someone Else

I don’t know about you, but often I find myself telling God “here I am, send someone else.” I tell Him that He must be mistaken in asking me to do things, or putting a passion on my heart. I might say something are you sure you don’t want to choose someone that actually enjoys

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Congo Recap

In a couple of hours we will be getting on our flights heading back to California. It seems almost surreal that our time here is ending and we are entering back into our normal lives. When we crossed from Congo into Rwanda we saw such a stark difference. In Rwanda the power was consistent and

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Rwanda Genocide Memorial

Today I spent time at the Rwanda Genocide Memorial and I was reminded how quickly a people group can be almost destroyed. Friends turned against friends solely because they were identified as different tribes. Power is what drove the genocide and deciding that one people group was worthless and less than human. I was reminded

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